MDBs report cover

MDBs for this Century's Development Challenges

A major new CGD report calls for the World Bank and MDBs to be repurposed so they can better address urgent global problems such as climate change and pandemics.

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Climate milestones

India Commits to Climate Action

Last week, India reached a significant milestone by signing the Paris Climate Agreement. However, balancing climate action with increased energy access and growth is an ongoing challenge.

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Displaced children look out over a camp
Andrew McConnell/Panos for DFID

A Compact Model for Refugees

CGD and the International Rescue Committee present four principles for designing universally beneficial compacts among refugees, host countries, and the international community.

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World flags - World Bank/IMF meetings logo

World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings

At this year's annual meetings, the multilaterals should prioritize advancing global growth while leveraging investment in global public goods, says Alan Gelb.

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Maximizing USAID's Impact

How can the next US administration work with Congress to augment USAID's development impact? Building on recommendations from a recent CGD roundtable discussion, our experts outline three practical proposals.

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CDI migration scores

Which Countries Have the Best Migration Policies?

As part of CGD's annual Commitment to Development Index, Owen Barder and Petra Krylová rank the world's richest countries according to how well their policies help the global migrant population.

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Averting the Global Learning Crisis

Only 1 in 10 children in low-income countries are on track for a high school-level education by 2030. To close these startling gaps, a new Education Commission report urges a focus on learning outcomes, resource allocation, and transformative planning.

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World Bank presidents

World Bank Presidents, Ranked

As the World Bank prepares to choose its next leader, Justin Sandefur ranks all of its

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Quim Gil / Children Without Borders

A New Vision for US-Mexico Cooperation

The black market for Mexican labor in the US has been detrimental to both countries. CGD and leaders from both nations present a bilateral agreement to regulate future labor flows and end unlawful migration.

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Is the World Bank Excusing Human Rights Abuses?

After a leaked document reveals the World Bank may lend to Zimbabwe if human rights abuses "level off," Todd Moss denounces the Bank's apparent willingness to bail out Robert Mugabe's repressive regime.

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