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Aid Debate Turns Kinky

What’s best for the global poor—cash, chickens, or a broader focus on national development? Chris Blattman and Lant Pritchett spar over effective aid and value for money in development research.

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Alexander G

Climate Executive Order

President Trump's executive order on climate change is "an attempted assault by the administration on the climate we all depend on, the world’s poorest people most of all," says Jonah Busch.

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What's In What's Out? Designiing a Health Benefits Plan for Universal Health Coverage

Health Benefits: What's in and What's out?

As the US wrestles with its own reforms, countries across the globe face difficult decisions about which health services to fund on a tight budget. Amanda Glassman provides guidance on making tough calls.

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graph of increases

Interest Rates and Emerging Markets

Does the US interest rate bump spell financial trouble for emerging market economies? It depends on your timeframe, says Liliana Rojas-Suarez.

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Trump administration budget preview

Skinny Budget Offers Much Rhetoric, Few Numbers

The Trump Administration's budget request sends mixed messages on the long-standing role of US leadership in global health, humanitarian aid, and multilateral development, says Scott Morris.

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Cutting Foreign Aid event panel

What's Next for Foreign Aid?

With major aid cuts expected in the Trump administration’s budget preview, CGD hosted a diverse panel of experts on Monday to discuss a constructive path forward for foreign assistance. Beth Schwanke highlights key points of agreement and debate.

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Why Forests? Why Now?

Why Forests? Why Now?

VIDEO: Preventing climate change is critical to promoting global development—and saving tropical forests is essential to doing both.

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Woman worker in Peru
Juan Arrendondo/Getty

International Women’s Day Is Still About Labor

In anticipation of International Women’s Day, Charles Kenny and Tanvi Jaluka outline what countries and the private sector can do to advance women’s wages, working conditions, and voices in society. 

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The Damage Already Done to Foreign Assistance

By fostering a narrative that foreign assistance is inefficient, the Trump administration is dismantling a political agreement that has held for decades, says Scott Morris. We need congressional champions of effective foreign aid. 

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A vendor in India uses Paytm

Going Digital in India

The Indian government removed high-currency notes from circulation, prompting increased take-up of digital financial services. Mike Pisa and Anit Mukherjee discuss the benefits of going digital and challenges for a sustainable and inclusive transition.

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