IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde with CGD President Nancy Birdsall

Lagarde Champions Global Cooperation

Low economic growth and rising inequality are fueling waves of nationalism and populism that threaten international cooperation, according to IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, who emphasizes global cooperation in our latest podcast.

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Commitment to Equity

The Commitment to Equity offers research and analysis to support governments, multilateral institutions, and nongovernmental organizations in their efforts to build more equitable societies.

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Private Investment

CGD research examines donor efforts to help developing countries improve their business climate and foster entrepreneurship, and research into ways to increase the positive impacts—and avoid pitfalls—of foreign direct investment.

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Brexit and Global Development

The UK's departure from the EU will have resounding repercussions on the global economy, including a decrease in remittance flows. CGD experts dissect Brexit's consequences for the world—and for the world's most vulnerable.

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Todd Moss testifies about the role development finance in promoting market solutions to poverty and insecurity

Development Finance: the Future of US Economic Assistance

Development finance is our ace in the hole for spurring economic growth and bolstering security in developing countries, says Todd Moss to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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Forest Graphic

Forests: Nature's Carbon Trap

While "clean coal" falters and the world scrambles for innovative ways to capture carbon, Jonah Busch reminds us that forests are already a safe, cheap, and reliable repository for greenhouse gases.

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Tomek Nacho

Brexit is a Wake-Up Call for Development Economists

The Brexit vote illustrates what can happen when people feel their job opportunities are suffering due to liberalized trade policies. If we want open migration and trade policies, we need to focus on domestic job losses.

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Trade Policy book cover

Trade Policy and Negotiations

CGD’s examines how trade policies affect developing countries and what the shift from multilateralism to regional and bilateral trade negotiations means for more vulnerable members of the international system.

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woman working in Africa

Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment

Consistent with CGD’s broad approach to development, our research posits that real economic empowerment for women will require approaches beyond those traditionally used (e.g. micro loans and grants, training programs, and mentorship networks.

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Innovative Finance

CGD’s work seeks to inform how we can structure effective partnerships between donors and private investors.

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