3:00—4:30 PM
World Resources Institute
10 G Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002

Book Launch and Discussion on Energy Subsidy Reform: Lessons and Implications

The World Resources Institute presents

Book Launch & Discussion on Energy Subsidy Reform: Lessons and Implications

Opening Remarks:

Carlo Cottarelli
Director, IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department

Panel includes:

Nancy Birdsall
President, Center for Global Development

William Galet
Co-Director, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, Brookings Institute

David Lipton
First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

Andrew Steer
President, World Resources Institute Moderator

The World Resources Institute invites you to join the launch of the new book by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Energy Subsidy Reform: Lessons and Implications, followed by an interactive discussion with leading experts.

Energy subsidies are expensive, hurt the environment by promoting excessive consumption of energy, and do a bad job of helping the poor because they tend to benefit those that need it the least. Yet despite a strong economic case for their elimination, governments have found it difficult to do so. A new book by the IMF, however, finds that a well-designed strategy can reduce subsidies and win public support. The book also provides the most comprehensive estimates of energy subsidies compiled to date. These subsidies are estimated at US$ 2 trillion in 2011, including tax subsidies in advanced countries that arise from the under-pricing of energy. Please come join us for a presentation of the book by David Lipton, the IMF’s First Deputy Managing Director, followed by a panel discussion.


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