12:00—1:00 PM AEDT

Debt Prospects and Challenges for Developing Countries in the Continuing Pandemic

Watch the recorded event here.

This event was hosted by the Crawford School of Public Policy at Australia National University.

Developing countries already held precarious levels of sovereign debt prior to COVID-19. Now, over half of all low-income countries are at high risk of or are currently in debt distress, and some middle-income countries face debt sustainability challenges as well. In his address, Masood Ahmed will lay out the current debt situation, explain initiatives by the global community to promote debt sustainability and restructuring, and present a path forward.


Masood Ahmed is President of the Center for Global Development. He joined the Center in January 2017, capping a 35-year career driving economic development policy initiatives relating to debt, aid effectiveness, trade, and global economic prospects at major international institutions including the IMF, World Bank, and DFID.

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