10:30—12:00 PM
Center for Global Development, 1800 Massachussets Ave, NW, Third Floor, Washington, DC

Latin America's Surging Middle Classes: Are They Really a Force for Change?

Opening Remarks
Todd Moss
Vice President for Programs and Senior Fellow, CGD

Hasan Tuluy
Vice President, Latin America and the Caribbean Region, World Bank

Augusto de la Torre
Chief Economist, Latin America and the Caribbean Region, World Bank

Jamele Rigolini
Senior Economist, Latin America and the Caribbean Region, World Bank

Discussion Panel
Liliana Rojas Suarez
Senior Fellow and Director, Latin America Initiative, CGD (discussion chair)

Kaushik Basu
Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, World Bank

Nora Lustig
Professor of Economics, Tulane University
Non-Resident Fellow, CGD

Latin America's emerging middle class, defined as those unlikely to fall back into poverty, has grown by 50% in recent years and now includes one of every three people on the continent, roughly equal to the number of people who remain poor. A new World Bank study finds many potential benefits from this surging middle class but cautions that these benefits can only be fully realized if countries can strike a new social contract that links middle class interests to the inclusion of those left behind. The event will include presentation of the report's key findings and a panel discussion with some of the leading experts on the region's middle classes.

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