2:00—4:00 PM

Reorganizing U.S. Development Assistance: For Better or Worse? A Debate

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Moderator: Steve Radelet
Carol Lancaster
Andrew Natsios

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Carol Lancaster - Director, Mortara Center for International Studies, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University and Visiting Fellow and Member of the Board of Directors, Center for Global Development
Andrew Natsios - Distinguished Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy and Advisor on International Development, Georgetown University

Moderated by Steve Radelet, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

Does the recently announced reorganization of US foreign aid -- creating a "double-hatted" USAID Administrator who now will also be a Director of Development in the Department of State -- represent a rationalization and upgrading of development aid in US foreign policy or a take-over of aid by the Department of State, risking the loss of USAID's development mission to short-term foreign policy goals? Andrew Natsios, until recently Administrator of USAID in the Bush Administration, and Carol Lancaster, former Deputy Administrator of USAID in the Clinton Administration, will debate the issue.

This event was made possible in part by funding from the The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.
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