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Dapel Zuhumnan joined CGD in June 2017 as a CGD-Wilson Centre joint visiting scholar (IDRC Fellow) under the Early Career Engagement Programme of the Scottish Institute for Research in Economics (SIRE). Dapel is working on two projects, jointly funded by CGD and SIRE: a paper, “Oil Intensity in Nigeria: In Search of Micro-Based Evidence of the ‘Curse-Effect,’” and a poverty map for Nigeria.

Dapel graduated from the University of Jos in Nigeria with a bachelor’s and master's degree  in Economics. Following the Completion of his bachelor’s degree, Dapel became a high school economics tutor for the One Year Mandatory National Youth Service in South-Western Nigeria. He further served on the academic staff at Department of Economics University of Jos undertaking a PhD programme in Economics at the University of Dundee, Scotland. He’s also been a graduate teaching assistant in Dundee since January 2013. His PhD research (currently rounding up) focuses on poverty mobility, inequality, and oil in Nigeria. Previously, Dapel has worked as a part-time consultant with the Policy Associates, and as an Adjunct lecturer at Nigerian Television Authority TV College Jos, where he taught Foundations of Economics.

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