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Independent research for global prosperity



Jan was a visiting senior associate at the Center for Global Development, and worked with CGD President Nancy Birdsall on issues of climate change and development. He is now an independent economic consultant, and a PhD candidate at Columbia University.

Before joining CGD, Jan worked as an assistant to the Chief Economist of the World Bank, revising lending programs and covering, among other issues, climate change. At the World Bank, Jan also advised on the financial structure of the Pneumo AMC, CGD’s brainchild. He has since deepened his involvement with results-based finance while advising for the Bank on the AgResults initiative, designed to boost private sector investment in agricultural technology. Previous assignments had taken him to Uzbekistan with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, where he set up a coordination and analysis unit to build research capacity and support strategic planning of interventions.

Jan holds Master’s degrees in International Relations from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, and in Public Administration from Columbia University, where he was a German Marshall Fund Scholar. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD at Columbia, and conducts research focusing on the economics of health and the environment in developing countries.

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