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A Headshot of Non-Resident Fellow Samba Mbaye

Samba Mbaye

Non-Resident Fellow


Samba Mbaye is a Full Professor at Université Gaston Berger in Saint-Louis Senegal. His research focuses on impact evaluations of development programs for the well-being and on the evaluation of learning in education systems. He has therefore a perfect mastery of the econometric methods currently used in the evaluation of such programs. In addition, he possesses important experience in both the formation and management of sample groups used for data collection.

He is the author of publications in international scholarly reviews which focus on, among other things, agricultural economics, poverty, dietary security, electricity access vulnerability, the impact of infrastructures and poverty reduction. He has undertaken a number of important consulting projects for large international organizations such as the World Bank, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization and USAID. Mbaye was in charge of statistical analysis of the impact evaluation of many projects in Senegal and in West Africa. he was also responsible for the collection and audit of data from educational projects managed by the World Bank in Senegal. In addition, he is responsible for many other projects throughout both Senegal and Africa, and is recognized for his quality as a senior specialist researcher on questions of impact evaluation. Mbaye also carries out for the Ministry of Education, Technical and Vocational Training in Burundi the evaluation of the Burundian education system. A survey of 6000 children was carried out and tests in Mathematics, French and Kurundi (local language) were carried out. Mbaye is the Director of CRDES. 

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A Headshot of Non-Resident Fellow Samba Mbaye