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Wikipedia and Development

You heard it from CGD first. Or would have, if you had been among the more than 200 people in the standing-room-only crowd that showed up to hear Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, discuss the giant free encyclopedia and development last week.

The Nigerian Debt Deal and its Critics

The Guardian is reporting that “The British government has drawn sharp criticism from development charities for taking a debt repayment from Nigeria” worth about £1.7 billion. It is true that the size of the payment from Nigeria to the UK treasury might seem strange given the recent push by Blair and Brown to increase aid to Africa.

Commitment to Development Index Consortium Meets

CGD hosted the first annual meeting of the Commitment to Development Index Consortium on Monday. The Commitment to Development Index, a project I’ve shepherded since its inception nearly four years ago, ranks 21 rich countries based on how much their policies help or hurt developing countries. We formed the Consortium this year to formalize our relationship with what has proved to be the CDI's most engaged audience, aid agency officials.

Are Low Prices Really Bad for the Poor?

Martina Gernet has posted on Eldis a summary of several recent studies of the role of supermarkets in developing countries. All of them appear to be about the bad effects of supermarkets on workers and suppliers. I continue to be astonished by how the debate over the impact of supermarkets always ignores the huge gains in welfare of consumers, especially poor consumers.