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What We're Reading in Summer 2017

Here we are, deep in the throes of summer, which hopefully means you have finished your planned holiday books and are in need of another good read or two! But what should you choose? We asked CGD experts to share their recommendations. Check out the list below to find what fits your mood, whether that's a deep dive into migration policy, a surprising look into Machiavelli's life, or a techno-utopian, time-traveling adventure (I know what gets my vote!). 

What to Read in Summer 2016

Whether for intellectual enrichment or purely for leisure, it's not summer without summer reading. Thus, we've polled our experts for their favorite page-turners, and here they are. Running the gamut from global politics to big data to the Pulitzer-winning story of a Haitian slave-turned-general, these are the narratives, analyses, and exposés that have caught our fellows' attention this summer.

What We're Reading — Summer Edition

Because we know you relish our weekly list of What We’re Reading, we thought you would appreciate a similarly well-curated list of suggested Summer Reading, compiled from the recommendations of our esteemed Senior Fellows and our on-the-pulse Research Assistants, communications, operations and outreach teams.