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It’s That Time Again…Play CGD State of the Union Bingo!

Thank you to everyone who played CGD State of the Union Bingo last night! We had a terrific crowd at our event and want to hear about your festivities. Click here for our reactions and commentary on President Obama’s speech.

It’s January in Washington. Time for New Year’s resolutions, extra outerwear and…CGD State of the Union Bingo!

Bob McNamara Should Also Be Remembered as Transformative President of the World Bank

Predictably and perhaps appropriately, the flood of remembrances of Robert McNamara is focusing on his role as the architect of the Vietnam War. Yet McNamara was also a transformative president of the World Bank, shaping both that institution and the larger development enterprise in ways that are still felt today. McNamara served for 13 years as World Bank president, almost twice the seven years he previously spent as the U.S. defense secretary (both terms set records for length that have yet to be exceeded).