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A screen shot of the SkyShares interactive tool

SkyShares: An Idea to Stop Climate Change Effectively, Efficiently, and Equitably

At COP25 this week, parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will determine a path forward for emission reductions. In 2020, countries are expected to make big changes to their emission reduction strategies. And four years ago, ahead of COP21, CGD’s Owen Barder, Alex Evans, and Alice Lépissier laid out a framework called “SkyShares” that would lock in emissions reductions at the lowest possible cost, and support developing countries’ efforts to eradicate poverty.


When Foes Become Friends: Indigenous Rights and REDD+ in Indonesia

Last year, Indonesia’s tree cover loss declined by 60 percent to its lowest level since 2003. This kept some 0.2 gigatons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere which, by itself, represented about 0.5 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions that year. Many factors were involved, but one was a tentative shift in domestic politics toward protecting the country’s forests and its indigenous peoples’ rights. This shift could not have been confidently envisioned even a decade ago.

road through forest

China’s “Green” Belt and Road Initiative Isn’t Very Green

What would it look like today if major multilateral finance institutions like the World Bank had never adopted the climate agenda as a binding constraint on their operations? Unfortunately, we have a real-world approximation of that hypothetical in the form of Chinese development finance. At least, that’s a conclusion I draw from an important new report from World Resources Institute (WRI) and Boston University, Moving the Green Belt and Road Initiative: From Words to Actions.