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As rich countries begin to understand how the financial crisis will affect their economies, poor countries are beginning to wonder how it will affect theirs. This week's development policy news examined how rich countries can help poor countries avoid economic devastation caused by the financial crisis.

Behind-the-Scenes Debate on Clean Tech Fund Reveals Deep Divisions, Shifting Attitudes

As the World Bank moves closer to launching the Clean Technology Fund (CTF), serious questions remain over how the money will be spent. The political headwinds in Washington have shifted since June, when the Congress began to consider contributing to the fund. While the result is still uncertain, it appears increasingly likely that the CTF will ultimately focus on truly clean technology while generally avoiding investments in coal and other high-carbon fossil fuels.

Former and Current Finance Officials Wring Hands over "Toothless and Biased" IMF

A highly distinguished panel on the future of IMF organized by the Per Jacobsson Foundation during the Annual Meetings didn't so much debate the role of the IMF as wring its collective hands over the IMF's limitations in preventing the global financial meltdown and its lack of a role in organizing a response -- even as the G7 finance ministers held emergency meetings the same weekend elsewhere in Washington. (Full disclosure: I am a member of the Per Jacobsson Foundation Board.)

UNAIDS: Preparing for a New Phase

This is a joint posting with Danielle Kuczynski and Kristie Latulippe, co-authors of the Background Report for the UNAIDS Leadership Transition Working Group

A Timely Report on Sovereign Wealth Fund Principles from Ted Truman and Peterson Institute’s New Real Time Economic News Watch

Congratulations to our friends and neighbors at the Peterson Institute on their new group blog, Real Time Economic News Watch, an excellent source of up-to-date commentary and analysis on the rapidly unfolding global financial crisis. I was particularly interested in Ted Truman's fine piece, Making the World Safe for Sovereign Wealth Funds which, contrary to its name, is really about moves this past weekend to make sovereign wealth funds less risky for the world. According to Ted:

History Says Financial Crisis Will Suppress Aid

Though today's financial crisis began in the world's richest nation, there is good reason to worry about how it will affect the world's poor. A recent series of posts explores the implications. The contagions of freeze-up and slowdown will spread through many channels: trade, investment, migration, and more.