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The Future of Development – Digital Agriculture

The last 50 years have been marked by both the most dramatic reduction in income poverty the human race has ever seen and an explosion in the amount and quality of research on development. Yet enormous challenges remain: poverty reduction is slower—indeed, it will likely go into reverse in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic; and those pockets of poverty that remain will face more difficult problems—of fragility, climate change, and social exclusion—than those we’ve made progress on to date.

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Learning at Scale—A Call for Successful, Large-Scale Numeracy and Government-led Programs

The Learning at Scale research team is seeking current programs that have demonstrated significant impact on learning outcomes and are operating at scale. For this phase of the study, we are looking for two types of programs: 1) programs with demonstrated effectiveness on numeracy outcomes at scale; or 2) programs that are fully implemented by government bodies (not implementing partner led or directed programs) with demonstrated effectiveness in either literacy or numeracy at scale.

A map of Africa inside EU stars

The EU Migration Pact: Building a True Partnership with Africa

The current state of migration cooperation between Africa and Europe is far from this ideal. True partnerships should focus on promoting economic opportunity in countries of origin and expanding legal pathways, both from Africa to Europe and within the continent. Currently, African governments are left responding to Europe’s short-term thinking without collaboration towards long-term mutual gain—a scenario that undermines the potential for joint initiatives that can benefit both Africa and the EU.