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Why the Next U.S. President Should Create a Cabinet-Level Department of Global Development

*This is a joint post with Steve Radelet
The extraordinary challenges and opportunities of today require a new vision of American global leadership based on the strength of our core values, ideas and ingenuity. They call for an integrated foreign policy that promotes our values, enhances our security, helps create economic and political opportunities for people around the world, and restores America's faltering image abroad. We cannot rely exclusively or even primarily on military might to meet these goals. Instead, we must make greater use of all the tools of statecraft through "smart power," including diplomacy, trade, investment, intelligence, and a strong and effective foreign assistance strategy.

World Bank Revisions in PPP GDP Show China and India 40 Percent Poorer -- and Highlight the Need for Better Data

Recently revised World Bank estimates of PPP (purchasing power parity) -- adjusted GDP suggest that China and India are an astonishing 40 percent poorer than earlier guesstimated in terms of average living standards. Arvind Subramanian provides a nice assessment (Fact Check, Reality Check? New GDP Data) of these new estimates, in which GDP (measured in U.S.