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Mr. Netanyahu, Please Speak to Congress About Climate Change

“The threat of climate change is no less menacing than the security threats that we face.”

- Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will speak to a joint session of Congress on Monday, at the invitation of House speaker John Boehner. In his invitation, the speaker said, “America and Israel are the closest of friends and allies, and we look forward to hearing the prime minister’s views on how we can continue working together for peace, freedom and stability.”

Corruption Threatens to Undermine Climate Action - Transparency International

The latest Global Corruption Report from Transparency International (TI), launched May 5 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, tackles corruption and climate change. The message is stark: without better governance, transferring funds to developing countries to combat climate change could go awry. This would mean even less progress cutting the emissions of planet-heating gases, a squandering of scarce climate funds, and an intensified risk of dangerous, runaway climate change.

Welcome to the American Climate Casino

Suppose you have a friend who gambles at the local casino.  An acquaintance who’s in the FBI just let slip that the managers will face fraud charges because they tout a fair game while statistical monitoring of the gaming tables shows a huge increase in loss rates for customers.  You call your friend to pass the word, and he just laughs dismissively.  “Get serious,” he says, “I just won $2K last weekend, and my hand’s feeling hot.  Forget your paranoia – join me next Saturday night!”

Would you join him?