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Does Sharing Apply to Development? Yup!

McNealy arrived late, delayed by a meeting at the Pentagon. You could tell he was tired. He’d flown to DC from California with a stopover in Dallas where he stayed up late watching hockey as his beloved San Jose Sharks fell to the Stars in the 4th overtime. Nonetheless, by the time lunch was finished at 1:30pm we had made good progress answering moderator Lawrence MacDonald’s query – does sharing and openness really matter for development?

Delight About Donor Disclosure -- Now Kick It Up A Notch!

This is a joint post with Kate Vyborny
We have been trying for a while to convince official aid donors to report to recipients more detailed, timely information about their disbursements of aid. You might well ask: how is it that recipients do not know how much money they are getting? Money may be in projects completely separate from the government; or it may go to specific project units within ministry of education or health, for example -- even the health or education minister may not know who in his or her ministry has access to what money. This undermines the collective decisionmaking process over how funds are spent that is central in the role of democratic governments. The recipient government should be involved in deciding how the money will be spent -- mechanisms like budget support and our proposed "cash on delivery" aid allow this to happen automatically. But at the very least, donors should be keeping tabs and telling the recipient -- quite a low bar, especially considering the standards to which donors hold or exhort recipients.