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The United States Can Give Better Aid to Haiti

This commentary also appeared on The Huffington Post and Global Post

Last week at a United Nations conference, donors pledged more than $10 billion to finance reconstruction and development investments in Haiti. The United States promised a hefty $1.15 billion.

But pledging money is the easy part. The United States, the lead donor and friend with the greatest interest in Haiti's future development, can do much more, in two ways: its own aid programs can be more effective; and it can take steps beyond aid that are far more critical to long-run prosperity for Haiti's people.

The CGD Meet-N-Meter Method

This is a joint post with Sandy Stonesifer

Ever wondered why some events at the Center for Global Development are large, drawing more than 200 members of the development community, while others are small and invitation only? Been disappointed to discover that a crucial CGD event is full and you are stuck on the waiting list? Maybe you've wondered: "Why can't they fit in just one more?" In the spirit of transparency, we are pleased to unveil today our new and improved method for meeting planning.