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The more than 80 events that CGD hosts each year include a wide variety of formats and range in size from those whose participants can fit around our conference table to audiences of more than 300. Our occasional Development Matters series has focused on popular culture treatments of development, such as books and movies. We also host CGD Meetups, monthly evening activities for people who want to combine some social networking with learning about development.

Let's Do the Numbers: CGD Launches Commission on Migration Data for Development Research

What is the biggest distortion in the world economy? A forty-percent price gap for identical widgets traded in two different markets is considered large these days. In capital markets, investors would be shocked by a price difference of one percent for the same security in two different exchanges. But in the global labor market, wage gaps for equivalent workers differ between countries by one thousand percent or more in some cases.

Media Reports on African 'Brain Drain' Misunderstand My Research

This week I watched with a queasy stomach as my own research was widely reported in support of a belief that is the exact opposite of my findings. Citing a new journal article of mine, yesterday the BBC trumpeted that Africa is "being drained of doctors", and a separate story on BBC's French-language service implied that health professional emigration is directly responsible for deaths of Africans. (Radio France did a better job.)