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What Should We Ask from the IMF on Climate Change?

While the world’s decision makers are now rightly focusing on the COVID-19 crisis and its potentially devastating economic aftermath, the climate change agenda has been moved from the center stage. As the world begins to rethink what the post COVID-19 economic order will look like, climate change will again play a key role. And so will the IMF.  

IMF Backs “Green Economy” – Is It Good for Developing Countries?

IMF managing director Christine Lagarde announced at a CGD event on Tuesday that the IMF would provide research and analytic support in three areas crucial to sustainable development: carbon pricing, phasing out fossil fuel subsidies and green national accounting, that is, development of new measures of economic progress that take into account environmental costs and benefits not included in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

IMF Chief Warns of Triple Crisis—Economic, Environment, Social—Details IMF Actions to Help on Climate

In a major departure from the IMF’s traditional focus on narrowly defined economic problems, IMF managing director Christine Lagarde warned today that the world faces “a triple crisis—an economic crisis, an environmental crisis and, increasing, a social crisis.” She said that these challenges could not be addressed in isolation, and she announced IMF research and analytical support for countries undertaking policy changes to address these problems, especially the use of fiscal tools—carbon pricing and elimination of fossil fuel subsidies—to reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases.