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Zero Prices Are Special for Providers Also – But Not in a Good Way

Over the last few years there have been a series of articles emphasizing how special the price of zero might be for consumers. In 2004 Michael Kremer and Ted Miguel published a CGD working paper (later published in the QJE) showing that eliminating altogether the price parents would have to pay for de-worming medicine for their children had an extraordinarily stimulating effect on uptake compared to even a very small non-zero price.

10 African Countries Consider "Paying for Performance" in Health

Strengthening health systems to improve utilization, quality and efficiency of service delivery is a challenge that continues to stump smart people working in public health and development. A promising and increasingly prominent solution is paying health workers, health facilities and households to behave in ways that generate better health results. A few months ago, Ruth Levine reported on an upcoming workshop that would convene teams of African implementers and researchers to develop performance-based incentive schemes within their own health systems. Below, Rena Eichler reports back on her experiences from that workshop.