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“Stunning Progress” or “Implausible and Invalid”: The Afghanistan Mortality Survey 2010?

Afghanistan accounted for 15 percent of all U.S. economic assistance allocated in FY2012, amounting to 2 billion dollars. USAID has contributed at least 15 billion in aid to Afghanistan since 2001, with cumulative investments in the health sector at nearly 1 billion. But the impact of these investments has been difficult to judge because of lack of reliable data and accurate measurement, leaving many wondering: What have these funds achieved? In particular, has this economic assistance improved the health of Afghans?

A Warm Welcome to John May

This week we are pleased to announce a new arrival to the CGD global health policy team, John May. John joins us from his previous position as Lead Population Specialist at the World Bank and will be working on issues relating to population and development as a visiting fellow at CGD. John has 35 years of international experience in population, reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS issues.