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Book Update and Launch Event


We have decided to launch the report of the Center for Global Development Working Group, "Making Markets for Vaccines", on World Health Day, April 7th 2005.

We've been lucky to get some great speakers for the event. The line-up so far includes:

Malaria May Be More Prevalent Than We Realized

Nature MagazineA new study published today in Nature (abstract here) suggests that there may have been as many as half a billion cases of Plasmodium falciparum across the world in 2002.

More than two-thirds of these occurred in Africa, where this more deadly form of malaria mostly affects children under-five. But far more cases than previously thought take place in SE Asia.

Future Interviews

Because there are so many informed voices (and differing opinions) on issues relating to advance market commitments to vaccine development, we hope periodically to include brief interviews on this site -- and encourage readers to post follow-up comments and questions. If you have recommendations on appropriate candidates for interview, post a comment or feel free to send me an email..