Value for Money: An Agenda for Global Health Funding Agencies

By allocating available funds to the most cost-effective interventions, global health funders could save more lives with the same amount of money. CGD’s Value for Money (VfM) initiative seeks to help strengthen institutions responsible for these decisions.

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Highlights offers a quick and interactive way to read recommendations from the Value for Money Working Group's final report.

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As international commitments become more ambitious and aid resources become increasingly constrained, global health funding agencies are working to improve the efficiency and impact of their investments. This growing “value for money” (VfM) agenda aims to make the most of the money spent by focusing on the highest impact interventions among the most affected populations.

This CGD initiative seeks to help strengthen the institutions responsible for these decisions by focusing on funding agencies, one of the few mechanisms available to improve efficiency among recipient country governments and implementing agencies. Tools include the allocation of the funds, management and incentives, technical assistance, economies of scale, and measurement and accountability.

To assess how these tools could be better deployed, CGD convened a working group to analyze evidence, pose questions and offer high impact recommendations to improve VfM in global health funding agencies.  See their final report here, and check out for interactive summaries of the recommendations. 

Through a series of working papers, reports, and meetings with key stakeholders, CGD hopes to improve aid effectiveness and increase the impact of money spent on global health.

The initiative is led by Amanda Glassman, director of Global Health Policy and research fellow at CGD, with the collaboration of Senior Fellow, Mead Over and Research Fellow, Victoria Fan.

This work builds upon other CGD efforts relating to value in the global health sector, such as the Priority-Setting Institutions for Global Health and Future of the Global Fund working groups, and publications including Achieving an AIDS Transition, The Health Systems Funding Platform, and Performance Incentives for Global Health.