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Lagos to Mombasa

Lagos to Mombasa

The Trans-Africa Podcast from the Center for Global Development

How can African economies achieve sustainable, transformative growth? Which policies will drive this growth, and how should leaders on the continent put those policies into action? Where does the role of the state end and the private sector begin? And how can Africa avoid being caught in the emerging great power competition between the US and China?

In Lagos to Mombasa: The Trans-Africa Podcast from the Center for Global Development, CGD senior policy fellow Gyude Moore seeks answers to these questions and more by bringing together researchers and practitioners from both international institutions and the African continent to connect the dots between policy and practice.

New episodes of Lagos to Mombasa will be published every two weeks on the CGD Podcast feed—you can find it on Apple, Google, Spotify, or Stitcher. Subscribe to make sure you never miss an episode, and check out more of CGD’s work on development in Africa.

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