2003 Commitment to Development Award Recipient: The Utstein Group

The Utstein Group: photo from The Utstein Group websiteThe Utstein group received the 2003 Commitment to Development Award for its dedication, vision, and leadership in reducing global poverty and inequality in developing countries, challenging the norms of the development establishment, and highlighting the importance of policy coherence.

Formed in 1999 during a meeting at Utstein Abbey on the west coast of Norway, the Utstein Group provides access extensive resources to help fight corruption in developing countries. The Utstein group assists these development organizations: Norad (Norway), DFID (UK), CIDA (Canada), GTZ (Germany), MinBuZa (the Netherlands), and Sida (Sweden).

The award was given to the four original members of the group: the former Dutch Minister for Development Co-operation, Ms Eveline Herfkens, the British Minister for International Development, Ms Clare Short, the German Minister of Economic Co-operation and Development, Ms Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, and Ms Hilde F. Johnson.