November 07, 2008


November 07, 2008

Moving the U.S. forward on climate change and energy

President-Elect Obama has pledged that energy will be his number one priority, but many other issues require attention and funding come January. Still, with a focus on what really matters in climate and energy policy, he can move forward quickly and at low cost. Read the CGD climate team's take in Smart Obamanomics for the President-Elect's Top Priority: Energy and Climate Change.

Development policy for the next administration

CGD's brand new book, The White House & the World: A Global Development Agenda for the Next U.S. President, sets out senior fellows' priorities in different areas of development policy. My own chapter has been turned into a short brief called Global Warming: An Opportunity for Greatness, and Vijaya Ramachandran's is Power and Roads for Africa: What the United States Can Do.

My thanks to Robin Kraft for his help in preparing this letter.

Best wishes,

David Wheeler
Senior Fellow
Center for Global Development


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Power Plant News:

Inside CARMA


Power consumption in China is estimated to have dropped by about 3% in October compared to a year earlier, the first drop in a decade. The country is projected to nearly double generating capacity in the next decade, surpassing the United States.