November 2006


Evaluation Gap Update
November 2006

As you know, accelerating social progress in low- and middle-income countries requires knowing what kinds of social programs work. In our work, we’ve found that this information is often lacking because governments, development agencies, and foundations have few incentives to do rigorous impact evaluations. I write with news and resources from the Center for Global Development's Evaluation Gap initiative.

In this issue:

Leading Edge Group Convenes to Design and Launch New Impact Evaluation Entity
Pioneering stakeholders have agreed to serve as members of the ad hoc "Leading Edge Group" for impact evaluation. Included among this group are six low- and middle-income countries, four bilateral aid agencies, three development banks, three foundations, one international NGO, and one multilateral organization. Supported by CGD staff, members will design a new impact evaluation entity as mandated by the June 2006 meeting in Bellagio, Italy. Among the group's tasks are identifying an appropriate governance structure, membership responsibilities and financial arrangements. The group aims to complete its work in the first quarter of 2007.

An Evaluation Agenda for the World Bank
In a recent CGD publication, Rescuing the World Bank, Bill Savedoff and I co-authored a chapter (pdf) on the Bank's opportunities in impact evaluation. We urge the Bank to become more of a "knowledge bank" that invests in rigorous studies to produce new evidence about what works in poverty reduction and economic growth.

GAO Audit of MCC Focuses on Evaluation
As reported on our MCA Monitor blog, the MCC was recently subject to an audit by the Government Accounting Office. A review of MCC operations in Madagascar, Cape Verde and Honduras resulted in four major recommendations, the first of which was to improve monitoring and evaluation. The report recommends not only strengthening of monitoring and evaluation activities, but also improving the collection of baseline data to enable more rigorous social impact assessments.

Global Development Network Provides Competitive Funds for Impact Evaluations
The Global Development Network extended the deadline of its fifth Global Research Project "Promoting Innovative Programs from the Developing World: Towards Realizing the Health MDGs in Africa and Asia" to November 17. By providing new, independent and flexible funds, this $5.9 million project will generate much-needed impact evaluations and cost-effectiveness analyses of programs from the developing and transition world.

Additional Resources on the Evaluation Gap

Recent Blog Posts on Evaluation

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