October 24, 2008


October 24, 2008

U.S. states leaving Feds behind on climate, renewables

The international implications of U.S. states' policies on climate change and renewable energy are unclear, but I argue that they could shake up the U.S. delegation at Copenhagen next year, in "Slouching Towards Copenhagen?"

World Bank coming around on carbon accounting and renewables?

Facing restrictions by the U.S. Congress on Clean Tech Fund (CTF) lending, the World Bank appears to be inching closer to accepting carbon accounting and promoting renewable energy technologies, writes outreach and policy assistant Joel Meister in "Behind-the-Scenes Debate On Clean Tech Fund Reveals Deep Divisions, Shifting Attitudes".

My thanks to Robin Kraft for his help in preparing this letter.

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Voluntary tax to combat climate change in Himachal Pradesh (Times of India)

Tibet moving on climate change threat (China Daily)

Brazil's climate change plan 'ready for public scrutiny' (The Guardian)

Indian, Japanese industries to fight climate change (Times of India)

IPCC head: use financial meltdown as opportunity to combat climate change (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Canada PM vows $100M to fight climate change (Toronto Star)

Power Plant News:

Inside CARMA

Bakersfield, California

Silicon Valley startup Ausra on Thursday switched on a 5 MW concentrated solar thermal power plant in Bakersfield, CA. It will provide enough emissions-free electricity to power 3,500 homes, and is a precurser to a 177-MW plant to be built in San Luis Obispo.