October 3, 2008


October 3, 2008

Recession is opportunity for smart emissions regulation

The US economy will not escape the financial crisis unscathed, but this doesn't mean that climate policy should be put on hold. Enacting smart cap-and-trade legislation that locks in pre-recession emissions levels would ease the transition to a low-carbon economy, as I argue in "Should Recession Mean Delay in Carbon Emissions Regulation? Not on Your Life -- It's the Perfect Moment for Smart Regulation"

Climate change not happening fast enough?

How does the human brain deal with survival, wealth, and climate change? In very different ways, it seems. Kevin Ummel looks at the psychology of happiness and climate change in "Battling Our Brains: Psychology, Happiness, and Global Warming".

My thanks to Robin Kraft for his help in preparing this letter.

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David Wheeler
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Center for Global Development


Norway pledges $1 billion to Brazil Amazon Fund (Reuters)

China government adviser urges greenhouse gas cuts (Reuters)

California Air Board says there's dollars in green (Reuters)

An Exhausting War on Emissions (Wall Street Journal)

Xcel to Disclose Global Warming Risks (New York Times)

Power Plant News:

Inside CARMA

Hamburg, Germany

The biggest coal-fired power plant in Germany will be built in Hamburg by Swedish company Vattenfall, which several weeks ago announced the opening of the world's first power plant with carbon capture and storage. The company has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2050