Ideas to Action:

Independent research for global prosperity

Rachel Pritzker

Rachel Pritzker is President and Founder of the Pritzker Innovation Fund, whose mission is to support the development and advancement of paradigm-shifting ideas to address the world's most wicked problems. The Fund is primarily focused on the ways in which energy can address climate change and lift people out of global poverty. 

Rachel is Chair of the Board of the Breakthrough Institute, a pioneering research organization that is changing the way people think about energy and the environment. She also serves on the board and co-chairs the Energy Program at Third Way, a multi-issue think tank that answers America’s challenges with modern ideas.  She is a co-author of An Ecomodernist Manifesto, which outlines a powerful alternative approach to climate mitigation and human development. 

Rachel is a member of The Philanthropy Workshop and previously served as a founding board member of the Democracy Alliance, a partnership of business and philanthropic leaders committed to a stronger democracy through supporting progressive organizations. She attended Brown University, where she majored in Latin American studies.