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Kenya Can't Imitate China's Economic Model, As Things Stand (Daily Nation)


From the article:

My bet is that, Kenya specifically, and other developing countries, will need to be far more nimble than China was in negotiating manufacturing success.

Brasil e Argentina Estão Na Lanterna Da Inclusão Financeira (Exame)


Del artículo:

Um novo estudo realizado pelo BBVA Research, e que será lançado nesta quinta-feira 26, mostrou o Brasil numa posição preocupante em relação à inclusão financeira.

The Story Of Ethiopia’s Incredible Economic Rise (Quartz)


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Ethiopia’s economy is booming, and despite the country’s current political turmoil, the IMF thinks the good times will last.

What's The Meaning Of The World Bank's New Poverty Lines? (NPR Goats & Soda)


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According to the World Bank, if you're living on $1.90 a day or less, you're living in extreme poverty.

The 767 million people in that category have $1.90 a day or less in purchasing power to fulfill their daily needs.

Puerto Rico Is Becoming A Textbook Example Of How Waterborne Disease Outbreaks Spread (Quartz)


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The disaster in Puerto Rico wrought by hurricane Maria is still unraveling one month after it hit.

Kenya Pays Factory Workers Twice As Rival Bangladesh (Business Daily)


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Workers in Kenyan factories earn more than twice the average wages that industries in Ethiopia and Bangladesh pay their labourers even as global brands favour low pay countries, a new study shows.