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Should America Keep Giving Billions Of Dollars To Countries In Need? (NPR Goats and Soda)


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The first challenge is to defining "development." In a broad sense, it means economic growth — increasing the size of a country's economy over time.

Trump's Proposed USAID Head Knows Aid—And Politics (NPR Goats and Soda)


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Across the development world, Green's nomination has been widely praised.

"Mark Green is a really strong choice to head USAID," says Jeremy Konyndyk, former head of USAID's Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance.

It’s Time to Decide What Being Middle Class in Africa Really Means (Quartz Africa)


Nancy Birdsall, president emeritus of the Centre for Global Development, is among the most prominent advocates and protagonists of the middle class. She argues in support of a middle class rather than a pro-poor developmental orientation. But even she concedes that a sensible political economy analysis needs to differentiate between the rich with political leverage and the rest.