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April 14, 2009

Following the London Summit, What's Next for the World Economy? (Huffington Post)

Randy Soderquist co-authors an opinion piece in the Huffington Post on trade regulations during the financial crisis.

From the article:

"Now that world leaders and finance ministers have met in London and declared their support for open markets and reform of global financial rules, what's next for the world economy? Right now, attention is focused largely -- and with good reason -- on the ongoing global financial crisis. But the fate of the global economy may actually rest on the actions of U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and his counterparts around the world. World leaders and their trade ministers must keep in mind the importance of establishing policies for an open and equitable trading system and ensure that history does not repeat itself."

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April 10, 2009

NGOs, Business Groups Debate Principles For Preference Reform (World Trade Online)

World Trade Online quotes CGD senior fellow Kim Elliott on trade preferences for developing countries.

From the article:

"“There are obviously differences on details, but there is also general agreement across a broad swath of development NGOs and business groups on the need for reform of U.S. trade preferences programs to make them more reliable by authorizing them for more than one or two years at a time,” according to Kim Elliot of the Center for Global Development. Reform is also necessary to make the preference programs simpler to implement and access, to make them more generous for the poorest countries, and to better coordinate the programs with U.S. foreign assistance programs, Elliot said."

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