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9 Ways The World Got A Lot Better In 2017 (Vox)


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It seemed awful. But overall, it was a great year for humanity.

Reality Check: How Can A US President Cut Off Foreign Aid? (BBC)

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The Trump administration has announced that it is cutting aid to Pakistan, days after the president threatened on Twitter to do so.

From Polio To Poverty To Sex Ed: 9 Predictions For 2018 (NPR)

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"More people will be guaranteed a "universal basic income"

India’s First National ID System Is Helping the Country’s Women (Bloomberg)

India’s adoption of its first nationwide identification system is helping empower the country’s women and driving increased use of banking services, according to the first study of the nationwide Aadhaar program.

Trump’s Disdain For System Casts Unease Over WTO (Politico)

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What kind of year will 2018 be?...