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Aid Transparency During COVID-19: Henry Asor Nkang and Gary Forster

Henry Asor Nkang from Nigeria's Ministry of Finance, Budget, and National Planning and Publish What You Fund CEO Gary Forster join CGD's Sarah Rose on the podcast to discuss the current state of aid data transparency, the impacts of the pandemic, and how countries and donors can use data to improve development efforts.

The International Decision Support Initiative

With limited budgets, how can countries provide the best health care for the most people? The International Decision Support Initiative (iDSI) is a global network of experts helping countries set their own priorities for health spending.

Citizens and States

The clock is ticking on the SDGs. Integrating digital tools—like mobile phones, states IDs, and financial services—can help us meet them. 

An empty classroom in a school in Madagascar. Photo via Adobe Stock

COVID-19 Education Policy Tracker

CGD’s COVID-19 Education Policy Tracker provides information on school closures and reopening following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coordinating Country Aid: Bella Bird, Sharmarke Farah, and Jonathan Papoulidis

CGD's Sarah Rose, Bella Bird of the World Bank, Sharmarke Farah of the government of Somalia, and Jonathan Papoulidis of World Vision discuss the potential of country platforms for aid coordination—specifically the history and progress of Somalia's platform, the importance of country ownership, and how to make the best use of lessons learned.

Consent in Development – Stephanie Kimou and Angela Bruce-Raeburn

CGD's Megan O'Donnell, Stephanie Kimou of PopWorks Africa, and Angela Bruce-Raeburn of Global Health Advocacy Incubator discuss the impact of the colonization of Africa on development culture, the economic and social impacts of aid workers flooding a struggling country, and a future where development is led by the so-called "beneficiaries" themselves, not by well-meaning foreigners.

US Policy Toward Africa – Howard French

CGD's Gyude Moore and journalist Howard French discuss US perceptions of Africa, the business opportunities the US is leaving on the table, and how policy changes could benefit both the US and African countries.

Creative Development: Bobby Pittman and Ladipoe

CGD's Amanda Glassman talks with Kupanda Capital's Bobby Pittman and rapper Ladipoe about development opportunities in Africa's entertainment industries, Bobby's experience working with Nigerian record label Mavin Records, and the inspiration behind Ladipoe's songs.