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Five Findings from a New Phone Survey in Senegal

Better data can help us have a better response for COVID, so we piloted a mobile phone survey on 1,000+ respondents in Senegal in partnership with the Centre de Recherche pour le Développement Économique et Social. We published the results of the survey yesterday and we are now publishing some of the key findings.

A woman in Africa wearing a mask while tending to customers in a shop

Are Strict Lockdowns Suited to Populations Who Live Hand to Mouth? A Closer Look at Malawi

Last week, the president of Malawi announced the country would impose a strict 21-day lockdown starting on April 18 to stem the spread of coronavirus. We outline the main aspects of Malawi’s  proposed lockdown policy, and examine the extent to which a country such as Malawi is prepared and able to live under such measures.