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Bio Ventures for Global Health Welcomes Advance Market Proposals

Bio Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) aims to accelerate the development, distribution and accessibility of biotechnology products that address diseases of the developing world. BVGH seeks to break traditional barriers to development, bridging the gap between biotechnology's immense promise and the enormous unmet health needs of the developing world.

Majengo Vaccine Trial Ended

Efforts to salvage the "Majengo" vaccine - the vaccine candidate based on the apparent natural immunity of prostitutes in Kenya's Majengo slums - are ending, following a continued lack of success.

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A buyback to resolve Nigeria's debt problem

Debt relief and African poverty are firmly on this year’s global agenda, most recently from the Tony Blair-sponsored Africa Commission. But little attention is going to the big elephant in the room: Nigeria.

Even with its oil wealth, Nigeria’s debt burden is enormous given its huge population of 130 million and its extreme poverty—average income is just $330 per year. Increasingly vital to Western energy security, Nigeria is also a worrying source of transnational security threats, including Islamic radicalism, disease, drug trafficking, and international crime.

Malaria Costs Africa $12bn a Year

Malaria costs Africa about $12 billion a year, according to the World Health Organization, reported by Reuters. WHO southern Africa regional director Antoine Kabore said:

The burden on health systems, absenteeism among school children and diminished or lost worker productivity, all contribute to make malaria a significant contributor to low economic growth in endemic countries, estimated at costing African countries about $12 billion.

David Brandling-Bennett, a senior program officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, told Reuters

CGD's Steve Radelet Testifies for HIRC Hearing

CGD senior fellow, Steve Radelet, testified before the House International Relations Committee hearing entitled "Millennium Challenge Account: Does the Program Match the Vision?" Steve's testimony focused on six key challenges that the MCC faces as it works to make its bold vision a reality.
1. Scaling Up to the Original MCA Vision
2. Balancing the Tensions between the Consultative Process, Quality and Speed
3. Firmly Establishing the Principle of Local Ownership
4. Ensuring High Quality Programs
5. Demanding Results while Encouraging Innovation