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Merck Files for FDA Approval for Rotavirus Vaccine

Merck has filed for approval for Rotateq, its vaccine to protect against rotavirus gastroenteritis. Merck also announced that it has plans to file for licensure of Rotateq in Australia, Canada, the EU and Mexico, as well as countries in Asia and Latin America in 2005.

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Maurice Hilleman 1919-2005

Maurice HillemanMaurice Hilleman died yesterday. Dr Hilleman was a researcher at Merck & Co until 1984, played a key role in the development of many vaccines, including mumps, measles, chickenpox, pneumonia, meningitis and other diseases, saving tens of millions of lives.

50th Anniversary of Polio Vaccine

Maurice HillemanOn April 12th, 1955, at a convocation at the University of Michigan, it was announced that the polio virus vaccine developed by Jonas Salk at the University of Pittsburgh was safe, effective and potent. Headlines around the world proclaimed "The Vaccine Works". The nickels and dimes that millions of Americans had donated to the March of Dimes had succeeded.

Tiered Prices: A Subsidy?

There is an interesting discussion unfolding on whether tiered prices for pharmaceuticals constitute a subsidy by Americans.

Wall Street Journal on Advance Market Commitments

Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street Journal today reported on prospects for Advance Market Commitments. The page 4 article, "Advance-Purchase Contracts Could Be Cure for Vaccine Sellers", (subscribers only), reviews ideas presented in "Making Markets for Vaccines", published by the Center for Global Development. The Journal says: