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GAVI Update

In light of the third GAVI Partners' Meeting in Delhi (opened by the Indian Prime Minister and attended by Bill Gates), the FT ran a brief article on the global immunization architecture yesterday that touches upon many of the current issues in the vaccine world in general and GAVI in particular. Innovative financing remains at the top of the Alliance's agenda, according to FT:

Commitment to Development Index Consortium Meets

CGD hosted the first annual meeting of the Commitment to Development Index Consortium on Monday. The Commitment to Development Index, a project I’ve shepherded since its inception nearly four years ago, ranks 21 rich countries based on how much their policies help or hurt developing countries. We formed the Consortium this year to formalize our relationship with what has proved to be the CDI's most engaged audience, aid agency officials.

Are Low Prices Really Bad for the Poor?

Martina Gernet has posted on Eldis a summary of several recent studies of the role of supermarkets in developing countries. All of them appear to be about the bad effects of supermarkets on workers and suppliers. I continue to be astonished by how the debate over the impact of supermarkets always ignores the huge gains in welfare of consumers, especially poor consumers.

CFR's Africa Task Force Gives Nod to MCA

When the CFR released its new task force report "More than Humanitarianism: A Strategic Approach Toward Africa," it noted:

“We will know that the response to this opportunity has failed if, in another ten years, U.S. policymakers link hands once again with other world leaders around Africa’s problems and the world witnesses another global concert to end Africa’s poverty. The United States cannot afford to let another decade go by without effective solutions, and Africa deserves far better."

G7 To Pilot Advance Market Commitments

The G7 Finance Ministers announced today that they would work with others on developing a pilot Advance Market Commitment for a vaccine next year.

The finance ministers met in London this weekend to consider a report from Italian Finance Minister Guilio Tremonti. This report recommended that the G-7 adopt a plan that is based on proposals made in April by the Working Group convened by the Center for Global Development (CGD), in the report Making Markets for Vaccines.