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A Different Sort of AIDS vaccine

The US Government is supporting the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research to develop a new sort of AIDS vaccine. Instead of using parts of the virus to spark the immune system, like classic vaccine, the team is using an opposite approach called "monoclonal antibodies," which keep the virus from entering cells in the first place.

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Different Strokes for Different Folks

Tuberculosis vaccines currently on trial at a cost of hundreds of millions of pounds will not adequately protect populations living close to the Equator, a new study warns. In a report in Nature Reviews Immunology, scientists from University College London claim vaccines designed in the developed world do not take into account differences in immune systems across the globe.

Professor Graham Rook, of the UCL Centre for Infectious Diseases and International Health, explained:

Apologies for absence

We've been upgrading the CGD website which has meant that this blog had to go dormant for a few days. But now we are back ... Thanks to the many readers who have drawn my attention to items of interest - please keep them coming in.

Eurostat on IFF for Immunization

One of the outstanding technical issues on the pilot IFF for Immunisation (IFFIm) has been Eurostat's classification decision on the treatment in National Accounts of EU donor countries' commitments to the IFFIm.

The issue is whether donors to the IFFIm should record their commitments on an annual basis, as they make the yearly payments involved in an IFFIm commitment; or whether the entirety of their 20-year commitment to the IFFIm is accounted for upfront as public debt.

Charles Sethness Named MCC Temporary CEO

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Chair of the Millennium Challenge Corporation Board of Directors, has named Charles O. Sethness temporary Chief Executive Officer. Sethness, who is MCC Vice President for Monitoring and Evaluation, will lead the organization until a new CEO is named and confirmed. MCC CEO Paul Applegarth will step down on August 8, 2005.
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Senegal Signs $6.5 Million Agreement with MCC

The MCC will extend a $6.5 million grant to the Government of Senegal to assist with the design of their MCA compact proposal. Senegal's proposal includes the development of a large-scale industrial, commercial, and residential site called the Diamniadio Platform.
According to the compact proposal, Senegal plans to develop a new center of economic activities in Diamniadio (30 kilometers from Dakar), improve the city traffic network, and induce the emergence of new regions of development.