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October 26, 2010

The Arc of the Jubilee

The Jubilee 2000 movement, which called for the cancellation of the foreign debts of the poorest nations, became one of the most successful international, nongovernmental movements in history. David Roodman provides thumbnail assessments of Jubilee 2000 from several perspectives, deemphasizing anecdotes and statistics in favor of major themes.

October 7, 2010

Austerity and the IMF

Kenneth Rogoff delivers the Fifth Annual Richard H. Sabot Lecture on April 12, 2010.

Kenneth Rogoff
September 29, 2010

Reviving AGOA

In this brief Kimberly Ann Elliott discusses the two main priorities the Obama administration should focus on in order to revive the AGOA program and expand its benefits.

September 28, 2010

Aid for Trade: Supporting Trade Preference Reform - Working Paper 224

As many countries still lack supply-side capacity to fully participate in trade preference programs, aid-for-trade programs are necessary complements to facilitate capacity building, especially in poorer countries. In this paper, Susan Prowse exams current aid-for-trade delivery mechanisms, what is working, and what is still needed.

Susan Prowse
September 9, 2010

Emerging Africa: How 17 Countries Are Leading the Way (brief)

In this essay Steven Radelet explains how since the mid 1990s seventeen Sub-Saharan African states have transcended the conflict and dictatorships of decades past to establish themselves as burgeoning world states. Approaching the discussion by delineating between cultural differences across the region, Radelet offers a dynamic analysis of the new and encouraging growth observed in several African countries.