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January 11, 2010

The Economics of Adaptation to Extreme Weather Events in Developing Countries - Working Paper 199

The authors address several questions relevant to international discussion about climate adaptation: How will climate change alter the incidence of extreme weather events, and how will their impact be distributed geographically? How will future socioeconomic development, notably an increased focus on education and empowerment for women and girls, affect the vulnerability of affected communities? And, of primary interest to negotiators and donors, how much would it cost to neutralize the threat of additional losses in this context?

Susmita Dasgupta , Benoit Laplante and David Wheeler
January 11, 2010

Peace-Building without External Assistance: Lessons from Somaliland - Working Paper 198

This paper examines how the lack of recognition of Somaliland by the international community—and the consequent ineligibility for foreign financial assistance—has shaped the region's political development. It finds evidence that Somaliland’s ineligibility for foreign aid facilitated the development of accountable political institutions and contributed to the willingness of Somalilanders to engage constructively in the state-building process.