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November 5, 2010

China in Africa: A Macroeconomic Perspective - Working Paper 230

In this paper Christensen explains that China as an emerging global player and one of Africa’s largest trading and financial partners can no longer ignore the macroeconomic impact of its operations on African economies.

Benedicte Vibe Christensen
September 28, 2010

Aid for Trade: Supporting Trade Preference Reform - Working Paper 224

As many countries still lack supply-side capacity to fully participate in trade preference programs, aid-for-trade programs are necessary complements to facilitate capacity building, especially in poorer countries. In this paper, Susan Prowse exams current aid-for-trade delivery mechanisms, what is working, and what is still needed.

Susan Prowse
August 10, 2010

How Should Oil Exporters Spend Their Rents? - Working Paper 221

This paper argues for approaches that increase public understanding of the need for prudent spending of oil revenues in booms, and for comprehensive consideration of a range of options for using rents. Drawing on the experience of a few successful countries, it points to a number of common factors that seem to be important in enabling countries to obtain a positive payoff from resource wealth. These include a strong concern for social stability and growth, a capable and engaged technocracy, and interests in the non-oil sectors able to act as agents of restraint.

Alan Gelb and Sina Grasmann
July 26, 2010

Beyond Population: Everyone Counts in Development - Working Paper 220

For the first time, the elderly, urban populations, and women of reduced fertility outnumber their counterparts. Joel E. Cohen discusses how changing demographic trends will require a heavier focus on primary and secondary education, reproductive health and demographically sensitive urban planning.

Joel E. Cohen