Ideas to Action:

Independent research for global prosperity


Photo of Masood Ahmed
Photo of Maryam Akmal
Policy Analyst
Photo of Sarah Allen
Digital Content Manager
Photo of Raksha Authar
Executive Assistant to the President
Arthur Baker
Research Assistant - CGD Europe
Owen Barder
Vice President, Director of CGD Europe, and Senior Fellow
Photo of Sam Besse
Research Assistant
Photo of Nancy Birdsall
Senior Fellow, President Emeritus
Stephanie Brown
Multimedia Communications Associate
Director of Information Technology
Photo of Mayra Buvinic
Senior Fellow
Photo of Nicole Cassou
Migration, Displacement, and Humanitarian Policy Program Coordinator
Photo of Kalipso Chalkidou
Director of Global Health Policy and Senior Fellow
Photo of Michael Clemens
Co-Director of Migration, Displacement, and Humanitarian Policy and Senior Fellow
Director of Policy Outreach
Kevin Conry
Vice President for Development
Photo of Brin Datema
Special Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer
Photo of Helen Dempster
Senior Associate for Policy Outreach
Sarina Drummey
Receptionist and Office Assistant - CGD Europe
Photo of Julian Duggan
Research Assistant
Photo of Drew D'Alelio
Research Assistant
Photo of Luke Easley
Director of Finance and Administration
Lindsay Ellis
Global Education Program Coordinator
Photo of Jeremy Gaines
Communications Assistant
Photo of Alysha Gardner
Research Assistant
Photo of Alan Gelb
Senior Fellow and Director of Studies
Photo of Sulayman Gibba
Systems Administrator
Photo of Amanda Glassman
Chief Operating Officer, Senior Fellow, and Board Secretary
Photo of Sharea Gordon
Office Assistant
Photo of Kate Gough
Research Associate
Photo of Jimmy Graham
Research Assistant
Photo of Sanjeev Gupta
Senior Policy Fellow
Susannah Hares
Senior Policy Fellow
Photo of Cindy Huang
Co-Director of Migration, Displacement, and Humanitarian Policy and Senior Policy Fellow
Pamela Jakiela
Senior Fellow
Photo of Tanvi Jaluka
Gender and Development Program Coordinator
Photo of Anita Kappeli
Director of Policy Outreach, Europe
Photo of Cordelia Kenney
Assistant Director of Strategic & Research Partnerships
Photo of Charles Kenny
Director of Technology and Development and Senior Fellow
Photo of Jacob Kincer
Energy Program Coordinator
Photo of Jeremy Konyndyk
Senior Policy Fellow
Carleigh Krubiner
Policy Fellow
Photo of Imani LaTortue
Program Coordinator - Recruiting
Photo of Nancy Lee
Senior Policy Fellow
Events Manager
Abdoulie Loum
Information Technology Intern
Photo of Jessie Lu
Research Assistant
Photo of Ben Maalouf
Communications Intern
Photo of Ellen Mackenzie
Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance and Administration
Photo of Janeen Madan Keller
Assistant Director, Global Health and Senior Policy Analyst
Caitlin McKee
Research Associate - CGD Europe
Ian Mitchell
Director of Development Cooperation in Europe and Senior Policy Fellow
Photo of Scott Morris
Senior Fellow, Director of the US Development Policy Initiative
Photo of Todd Moss
Senior Fellow
Photo of Danial Muhammad
Research Assistant
Photo of Kyle Navis
Policy Analyst
Photo of Cassandra Nemzoff
Research Associate - CGD Europe
Photo of Abby Newbold
Institutional Advancement Assistant
Photo of Roxanne Oroxom
Policy Analyst
Photo of Mead Over
Senior Fellow
Photo of David Park
Executive Office and Special Projects Associate
Operations Officer and Events and Office Manager - CGD Europe
Photo of Michael Pisa
Policy Fellow
Photo of Mark Plant
Director of Development Finance and Senior Policy Fellow
Photo of John Polcari
Research Assistant
Senior Fellow
Photo of Jo Redhead
Fundraising and Research Partnerships Manager – CGD Europe
Photo of Yifan Ren
Senior Systems Administrator
Photo of Euan Ritchie
Research Assistant - CGD Europe
Lee Robinson
Research Associate - CGD Europe
Photo of Liliana Rojas-Suarez
Senior Fellow and Director of the Latin America Initiative
Photo of Charlie Rong
Office Manager
Photo of Sarah Rose
Policy Fellow
Photo of Kelsey Ross
Research Assistant
Photo of Jack Rossiter
Senior Policy Analyst
Photo of Asad Sami
Research Assistant
Photo of Justin Sandefur
Senior Fellow
Photo of Bill Savedoff
Senior Fellow
Photo of Emily Schabacker
Editor and Publications Manager
Photo of Liesl Schnabel
Program Associate
Photo of Bryan Schwartz
Institutional Advancement Associate
Photo of Holly Shulman
Director of Communications
Photo of Rachel Silverman
Policy Fellow
Photo of Mallika Snyder
Research Assistant
Photo of Ella Stelter
Salesforce Administrator
Photo of Hannah Timmis
Research Assistant - CGD Europe
Photo of Ashley West
Social Media Strategist
Photo of Kendra White
Institutional Advancement and Major Gifts Officer
Photo of Rose Worden
Research Assistant