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Global Health Fares (Relatively) Well in FY14 State and Foreign Ops Appropriations

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What do the US Congress, the US Senate and the White House have in common?  (This isn’t a trick question).  Both the House and the Senate matched the President’s FY14 request for global AIDS spending, including $4.02 billion for the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and $1.65 for the Global Fund – marking a rare sweet spot where the executive and legislative branches agree.

MCC Thrown a Lifeline in FY09 Omnibus Bill

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Picture this. A guy falls off the deck of a cruise ship. The captain throws him a life saver but can't stop the boat. Everyone on the deck is yelling at him to do this and do that. The poor guys swims for his life just to grab onto the life saver. And there he floats waiting to see if the captain will ever reel him him. That poor guy is the MCC in the FY09 State and Foreign Operations section of the Omnibus Appropriations Bill (page 49).