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A Conference Call with CFR: What Students Are Asking

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Today with Francis Fukuyama, I participated in a Council on Foreign Relations “Academic Conference Call” (listen here) with undergraduate and graduate students from over 40 universities.  We answered questions about our March/April Foreign Affairs article, The Post-Washington Consensus: Development after the Crisis.  (The article is based on a book due out any day now from Johns Hopkins University Press:  New Ideas on Develop

Withdrawals from Grameen Bank Accelerating

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Contrary to the reassuring February 28 update I posted yesterday, there are reports of accelerating withdrawals from the Grameen Bank in the last couple of weeks. So far the numbers represent perhaps 0.3--3% of the bank's reported 103 billion taka ($1.46 billion) deposit base, which is worrying given the potential for rapid increase. News of withdrawals feeds withdrawals.

After the Fall

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The court's verdict on the government's move to dismiss Muhammad Yunus is now expected tomorrow. Bangladesh's judiciary is not reputed for independence from the executive branch.

Yunus Fired?

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The BBC and AFP are reporting that Muhammad Yunus was fired from the Grameen Bank...or at least are quoting the new government-appointed chair, Muzammel Huq, to that effect.