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CGD at 15: Established But Not Establishment

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In 2016, as we celebrate our 15th year, CGD continues to be a policy crucible, producing independent ideas, nonpartisan thinking, and practical, research-based proposals that cost little or nothing to the rich world but make a huge difference to developing countries. The problems we address and the solutions we create may have changed in 15 years, but forensic scrutiny of existing policies — or policy gaps — is an approach that continues to have real-world impact

Seven Development Policy Wishes for 2016

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Sometimes it feels like Groundhog Day. Every twelve months or so, I sit down to write about my main wishes for the forthcoming year in development, and every list for the last few years has included my desire to see the US make good on its commitment to IMF quota reform (which would be of little extra cost to the US taxpayer as the US share of IMF funds could be augmented from existing monies already set aside for global financial crises). Dear reader, you can share my past frustration here, here and here.

What’s Hot and What’s Not for 2016

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One of the biggest years for global development has come to a close, but it left us with plenty to look forward to in 2016 and beyond. Keeping with CGD’s annual tradition, we polled our colleagues to come up with predictions of what’s going to be hot and not in development (and otherwise) this year based on trends we saw in 2015.

Ten Wishes for 2014

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CGD is especially concerned with the policies and practices of rich countries, corporations, and individual citizens that affect the world’s less fortunate people, especially the 5 billion least fortunate people who live in developing countries. In 2013 life for most people in those countries continued to get better as it has for several decades. In the advanced economies, the largely self-imposed austerity following the financial crisis of 2008-09 may finally be lifting. 

What’s Hot and Not for 2014

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This is a joint post with Jenny Ottenhoff. 

Like many, we at CGD are using the start of 2014 to remember highlights of the past year and compile a wish list for the year to come. Here’s our best guess of what’s going to be hot and not in global development (and beyond) in 2014. Got a better dyad? Share it in the comments section below.   

What Comes After the Millennium Development Goals? – Charles Kenny

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The UN is gearing up for discussions about what international development goals should come after the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which expire in 2015.  My guest on this week’s Wonkcast is CGD senior fellow Charles Kenny, who recently published a working paper, written jointly with CGD visiting fellow Andy Sumner, that assesses the impact of the MDGs and offers suggestions for what should come next.