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SOTU 2014: The Developmentista Edition

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This is a joint post with Erin Collinson.

President Obama will deliver his 2014 State of the Union speech Tuesday, January 28. We polled CGD experts to find out what they’re hoping to hear when the president addresses Congress and the nation.  Check out their oratorical contributions below and read about the development-related decisions and policies they would like to emerge in support of the rhetoric.

Despite Domestic Focus, the State of CGD State of the Union Bingo Remains Strong

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This is a joint post with Kaci Farrell

Last night’s State of the Union address, like the mid-term elections, was not about foreign policy. Development aid was MIA, but President Obama’s remarks about the environment, trade, security, investment, technology, and migration—the six other areas measured in CGD’s Commitment to Development Index—allowed a handful of diligent guests to finally spell B-I-N-G-O!

It’s That Time Again…Play CGD State of the Union Bingo!

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Thank you to everyone who played CGD State of the Union Bingo last night! We had a terrific crowd at our event and want to hear about your festivities. Click here for our reactions and commentary on President Obama’s speech.

It’s January in Washington. Time for New Year’s resolutions, extra outerwear and…CGD State of the Union Bingo!

Response to the 2004 State of the Union Address

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In the 2004 State of the Union address, President Bush set out for the American people, indeed for the world, his vision of "A Nation with a Mission." Last year, President Bush announced in his State of Union address a new $15 billion initiative to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa and the Caribbean. This year, there was no mention of the U.S. role in fostering prosperity in the world's poor countries. Despite dedicating a large portion of his address to foreign policy, President Bush’s focus on the international arena was too narrow.