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Give the Global Fund a Gold Star for Their Hard-Hitting Evaluation...Now Comes the Hard Part

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In 2002, the Global Fund (GF) was established to be a “new and improved” model for health aid. Founding head, Richard Feachem coined the pithy phrase “Raise it. Spend it. Prove it.” to capture their raison d’etre. A hard-hitting evaluation of their first five years has just been published. It gives them: an A – for “raising it”; a B – for “spending it”; and, a D minus, for “proving it”.

The IMF and the Swine Flu? WHO's on First!

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This is a joint post with David Goldsbrough.

As the possibility of a one trillion dollar supplement in IMF funding comes closer to fruition in the midst of alerts about the possibility of a new pandemic of influenza, some of us at CGD have been asked about the possibility of connections between IMF adjustment programs and health. Some of the questions are a bit loopy, like: Did the IMF cause the current flu epidemic? And even weirder: should the IMF prevent future flu epidemics?