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Carbon Taxes After All? A Conversation with William Nordhaus (Event Video)


The Center for Global Development presents

Carbon Taxes After All? A Conversation with William Nordhaus


Professor William Nordhaus

Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University

With Discussants

Christopher Flavin

President of the Worldwatch Institute

David Wheeler

Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development

On Thursday, March 24, the Center for Global Develompent hosted William Nordhaus of Yale University for a conversation on the efficacy of carbon taxes and other leading carbon reducing strategies. Professor Nordhaus is one of the world's leading experts on the economics of climate change and a leading proponent of carbon taxes. After the defeat of cap-and-trade in the Congress last year, the event was an excellent moment to reconsider the range of available approaches for reducing emissions. Following Professor Nordhause's speech, other experts provided comments nad comparative perspectives on market-based instruments.

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