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African Development Bank Elects New President, Raises Bar for Transparency

The African Development Bank dramatically raised the bar for public accountability and transparency in it presidential selection process by live tweeting the voting rounds yesterday afternoon in Abidjan. It’s already old news then that Akinwumi Adesina, the Nigerian candidate, will be the bank’s next president. Adesina garnered an impressive 60 percent of the regional vote and 58 percent of the total vote of the AfDB’s shareholders.

The Tobacco Epidemic – Bill Savedoff

Tobacco related diseases cut short the lives of 100 million people last century, a number expected to surge to 1 billion this century, according to CGD senior fellow Bill Savedoff. Tobacco use has the makings of a staggering epidemic, one taking an increasing toll on low- and middle-income countries. Bill and I discuss the health costs imposed on those countries and tax policies for curbing tobacco usage. 

Air Conditioning and Global Energy Demand

This is a joint post with Lucas Davis at the University of California, Berkeley. 

Sales of air conditioners have exploded worldwide over the last few years, driven by households and businesses in middle-income countries. 

India Devolves—but Will States Spend (Well) on Health?

Health is a state rather than national subject in many countries (as we’ve discussed here and here), and in India this tendency has just become more pronounced. Based on the 14th Finance Commission’s recommendations (more here), money coming from the Central government to states will be less tied up and states more free to spend that money in whatever way they want. 




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